About Tridia

Tempest of Tridia LARP is played at Smithville Lake, in North Kansas City.  Smithville Lake, besides having a large and beautiful lake, also has bathroom and shower facilities, as well as, water spigots for cooking and cleaning up.
Click here for a map of the lake area in which we are playing.  Also, the sites may change month to month depending on availability.  We are hoping to keep the same area, but you really never know.  If the sites do change, we will send out a notice, and place a new map here as well.
Please keep in mind, you may find a better way to get there.  These maps are designed to get you going in the general direction.

Directions from Lawrence, KS

Directions from Holt, MO

Directions from Grandview, MO

Directions from Columbia, MO

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