Calendar of Events

Site Fees

$20.00 (There is a 10 car maximum for free, please carpool if you can, as every car after that is an additional $5.00 charge to the game.) If in fact you do have to pay at the gate for for a car pass, please bring the receipt to the check in, and that cost will be deducted from your site fees. (Payment for Site Fees and purchase of Tridz, can be made at the bottom of this page)


Within the Tempest of Tridia Game, there is a currency called a TRID.  TRIDZ are coin that are purchasable with real cash  money.  TRIDZ give players access to food / snacks and drink.  For $5.00 you get 12 TRIDZ.  Most snacks cost 1 or 2 TRIDZ, and meal products cost a bit more depending on the product being served.  There will be a menu posted below for the next upcoming event, every month.  If you have ANY questions about TRIDZ, please send us a note on the contact page, and a member of staff will answer them for you.

2017 Tridia Event Schedule


Winter Event: One Day
Date: February 4, 2017
Location: Raymore Park House
909 S Madison St, Raymore, MO 64083 – MAP


Craft Day / Day 1
Date:  Will be Announced on Facebook


Craft Day / Day 2
Date:  Will be Announced on Facebook


March Event
Date: March 24th-26th


April Event
Date: April 21th-23rd


May Event (4 day event!!) Site fees for this event are $25.00
Date: May 26th-29th


June Event
Date: June 23rd-25th


July Event
Date: July 14th-16th


August Event
Date: August 11th-13th


September Event (4 day event!!) Site fees for this event are $25.00
Date: September 1st-4th


October Event
Date: October 20th-22nd


November Event (Weather Dependent)
Date: November 10th-12th