Gods of Tridia

Bastion Sunfire

Lawful Good

Protection, Guardian, Justice

Holy Symbol: Flaming shield, emblazoned with scales of justice

The Light, The god of lawful society, protector of the weak, guardian of children, The Blind God.

Typically appears as a helmless male human warrior, in golden plate armor, bearing a shield and flameberges he wields one handed. His face bears a shingle blemish. A hastily bound bloody bandage covering both of his eyes.


Terra Heart

Neutral Good
Healing, Mercy, Hearth

Holy Symbol: Broom or Fire poker

The Mother, Mid-wife, Healer of wounds, Cleanser of the stoves.

Typically appears as a large 4 armed 4 breasted female Minotaur. Clad in homespun skirts and a blouse of common color. She bears a child of the viewers race, a fire poker, a bundle of healing herbs, and a broom.



Chaotic Good
Vengeance, Change, Creation

Holy Symbol: Stags Head with Axe and arrow crossed under it

The Father, Master of the Hunt, Reaper of Deeds, The Winds of Change.

Husband to Terra Heart, he typically appears as an antlered male humanoid, with bonze skin, high cheekbones and eagles eyes. Typically wears a fur loincloth and beaded breast plate. He loves and battles with equal ferocity. Bears a woodsman axe and mithril bow.



Lawful Neutral
Law, Ritual, Death

Holy Symbol: Raven

The High God, One True Influence, The Archive, God of Merchants, The Reaper

Typically appears as a large raven. Less commonly appears as a Tall gaunt figure with a ravens head adorned with silk fineries, bearing a hand scythe and a ledger.


Trip and Trap

Chaotic Neutral
Nature, Luck, Battle

Holy Symbol: Pair of Dice, Bear Trap, Jewel Tree, Spinning Coin

The Twins, Tricksters, Weather Lords, The Turning Tides, Gods of Thieves

They commonly appear as a set of 12-13 year old fraternal twins. (Trip – boy, Trap – Girl). Although their clothing switches, one is always in rags and the other in riches. Typically armed with daggers and slings.


Throat the Mad

Balance, Numbers, Knowledge

Holy Symbol: Spiral or Book with a crazy equation on it.

The Mad God, The Impartial One, The Square Root of All Knowledge, Whome

Although Throat can appear as any babbling idiot, he typically appears as a mage in ragged patchwork robes, wearing a big wizard’s hat. He is always carrying ½ of a broken crystal ball.


Marissa Darkdreams

Lawful Evil
Corruption, Order, War

Holy Symbol: Slave Collar, mintless coin from one hand to another.

The Black Knight, Black Maiden, Goddess of the Underworld, The Corrupter, The Invader

Typically appears as a voluptuous woman, clad in Victorian garb that has a risqué cut of dark color. Is a race most favorable to the viewer. Carries a pair of shackles on her belt, wearing a slave collar, and wields a riding crop as her wand.



Neutral Evil
Deception, Greed, Moon

Holy Symbol: Crescent Moon

Shard, The Deceiver, The Gluttonous, (any name that refers to the moon)

One of her preferred forms is a black she wolf, but typically appears as a beautiful yet cruel woman of a race of HER choosing. Dressed in flowing, sheer black gowns. She is always seen with a trickle of blood on each corner of her mouth. She carries a “full” purse of coins and jewels that she wields as a mace, and walks with a staff, with a silver crescent moon on top.



Chaotic Evil
Chaos, Destruction, Murder

Holy Symbol: whatever cleric feels is worthy

Destroyer of Suns, Breaker of Laws, Slayer of Gods, Violator

Typically appears as a dark elf, wearing a merchant clothing. If battle is to occur he just wears a loin cloth. He has a sickly green glowing rune on his head. Carries a battle axe, which its head shimmers different ways depending on the angle of viewing.