Races of Tridia



Humans are the newest race to be driven in to “The Bowl” by the Dervish Horde. Bringing hot blood and fervent lives, Humankind reminds the elder races, time is precious. Because of their short lives, Humans prosper and build very quickly. The fact that Humans do not hold any ill will toward any race, makes them a political force within Tridia (The Bowl). In fact, their Nobles control most of the free land within Tridia, and the High Lord himself is indeed Human. Humans are of any size and weight (within reason), possess any “normal” eye and hair color, and speak the common tongue.


The Elves, also known as the Selie (Si-Lay) Court, make up half of the Elven Nation, and are referred to as The Light Court. They are fair skinned humanoids of 5′ to 6′ in height and of slender build. Hair and eyes can be of any color depending on their ancestry.

Descended from the True Fey, the Elves are long lived and not easily manipulated. They are generally peaceful creatures, in tune with plants and earthen elements. Highly intellectual and aloof, the Elves reside in their great forest in the Eastern borders of Cheap NFL Jerseys Outlet Tridia.

The Elves, so far as they are concerned just recently ended a war with the Dwarven Kingdom, in which peace is mediated by the High Lord of Tridia.

Dark Elves

Also known as the Unselie (Un-Si-Lay) Court and the other half of the Elven Nation, they are sometimes referred as The Dark Court. The Unselie are dark skinned humanoids of 5′ to 6′ in height and of slender build. Their hair and eyes are generally very dark, or very light. Like their bretheren, they are descended from the True Fey, and are long lived.

Dark Elves are impossible to shake at night as they are raised there from a very young age. The Dark Elves are a civil, but violent people, prone to dueling and hunting as past times. As intellectual as their peaceful bretheren, they are more in tune with the night and animals. The Dark Elves reside in their great forest in the eastern borders of Tridia.

They uphold the decision of the two courts to keep peace between themselves and the Dwarves, allowing the High Lord to mediate any disputes


The hybrid of Elf and Human, the Half-Elves are envied by humans for their longevity, tolerated by the Elves as an inevitability, and disdained and pitied by the Dark Elves as an inferior race. The Dark Elves attitude towards Half-Elves is so deeply ingrained, a taboo, as to preclude any Half-Elf having and Dark Elf blood.

Half-Elves are humanoids of 5 1/2′ to 6′ tall and of medium build. They have only slightly pointed ears and keep the variety of skin and hair of their human ancestry. The Elven blood crossed with the aptitude of humankind makes them almost perfect for any class, and make excellent pure adventurers, and due to this, you rarely see Nobility in their race.


The first race to retreat to The Bowl from the outside world. They are hearty humanoids of stocky builds and short stature. Dwarves stand between 3 1/2 – 4 1/2 feet tall. The Dwarves are the masters of the earth and its secrets. Dwarves are a family based race, proud of their names and lineage. Only second to their names, a Dwarves beard is most important. To jest or mock ones beard is a direct challenge to their being a Dwarf at all.

Having entrenched themselves deeply in the Western Mountains, the Dwarves have carved out the Dwarven Kingdom from the living stone. After an all out war with the Elven Nation, the Dwarves have begrudgingly agreed to allow the High Lord to mediate their disputes with the Elven Nation.


The only race to have never left their indigenous home of the Northern Mountains of The Bowl. The Minotaurs have offered no resistance to the retreat of other races into The Bowl, in the face of the Dervish Horde. Humanoids with bull-like heads and heavy builds, standing between 7 1/2 and 8 1/2 feet tall, the Minotaurs are hoofed and are the most physically powerful race in The Bowl.

Despite their huge stature, Minotaurs are intelligent and generally docile beings. This nature should not be confused with cowardice, as Minotaurs foster a great sense of pride for their race. Added with this pride, is a sense of honor for the land as a whole…Come across one of the eldest, and they will be more than happy to remind you, their race has been here through all of its growth.


Sometimes referred as an elder race, however, they rarely have time to debate the subject. Standing between 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 feet tall, with great noses and a penchant for pattern baldness, their stature is inversely proportional to their immense intellect and senility.

Gnomes are commonly employed as tinkers, Tridia over, and almost exclusively make up the Tinker Influence. This really is due to the fact that any Gnome seems to have the ability to sit, with great patience and figure most anything out mechanically.

Gnomes are not warlike in any fashion of the word. They simply can’t find the time to organize or create a dispute of that magnitude.


Half-Trolls are perhaps the most unfortunate of the races. The offspring of discarded human female slaves from Troll camps, Half-Trolls are hideous and deformed. Without the stature of their father race, or the compassion of their mothers, Half-Trolls find themselves disenfranchised of any society. Because of this, they have become very adept at living outside society, and have recuperative abilities that make them very hard to kill.

Common knowledge about them is, if you want one dead…use fire!!


The word Sanjorho comes from an ancient dialect long since forgotten. It has been taught by their own people that it means “The Great Cat”. Sanjorho are a pride filled people that come from the northern parts of the world outside of Tridia. It is said that the different tribes live on a large and varied amount of islands. How they got to Tridia is a mystery however, but most people, based on the description of their arrival by the Sanjorho themselves, believe the Void Rift is to blame. Sanjorho have as many varied colors and fur patterns as can be imagined, with eyes that typically are gold, blue, green, or black. They seem to be natural hunters and have a fantastic physical balance about them.


The youngest and most warlike of the Pure Races, Orcs are by any definition savage. However, many make the mistake of assuming savage also means stupid. Orcs stand between 6 1/2 and 7 1/2 feet tall with greenish gray skin, and tusks that protrude from their lower jaw. Their short lived and violent lives have left no one with an idea of their lifespan, as there is no such thing as an “old” Orc.

Recently, the Orc King, has created and taught all Orcs in his lands to read and write it. This along with the fact of the Orcish protection from the Dervish at the desert borders, have giving this young race a voice in the Conclave, and has cemented their place within The Bowl.


Halflings are a race of vast curiosity and infinite subtlety. They are nigh exact copies of humans, but in a scale of 3 to 4 feet tall. With nimble feet and even more nimble fingers, Halflings have excelled in The Bowl as scouts and trap finders. Good natured, adventurous, and always willing to hear or tell a good tale, they are perfectly suited to the adventurers life.

Halflings, though adventurous, are a very family orientated people, and as such, will find him or herself compelled to visit a relative at least one time per year.


A mysterious race of Draconic humaniods, they are finely scaled and multicolored, standing between 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 feet in height. Their heads either have horns or thick crests, with the women either having horns or feathers.

Little is known about the Draconians, even to themselves. Knowledge of their history has been lost to them, and even the best of scholars have no idea how they got here in The Bowl. What is known for sure is their prowess with Magic in general.

Draconians are constantly seeking their past, which is probably why you see them adventuring more and more, seeking the force that has destroyed their history.


A race of humanoids of humanoids cast here through The Great Rift, after their plane was destroyed. Because of their newness and the nature of their arrival, Tieflings are distrusted throughout The Bowl.

Three things stand out about Tieflings; First, there is absolutely no history about them. Second, they seem to be highly resistant to magics of any kind. And third, they can look like any other race of humanoids. The only way they are different, is a slight purple tinge to their skin.